The dragon myth

We have all come to love a lot of fictional movies and TV shows over the years. In following these shows, be it for entertainment, leisure, or even to sate out addiction, we have unconsciously be made to believe a lot about them.

I will focus on one, “Dragons”. This is one of the most popular creature paraded by these types of shows, those who follow “Merlin” to the letter can testify, even the Game of Thrones fans. Dragons are winged large beasts, that breath fire, they have strong tails and powerful limbs going by how they are portrayed, but let me burst this bubble, they are not real, they don’t exist and had never existed, they are what they are, a myth. How then did the myth start in the first place? It originated in ancient Greece where they were illustrated on stones. There is a saying that to every rumor there is a grain of truth, in this case, while there is no known evidence that the fire breathing beast ever existed, a similar creature might have once walked the face of the earth at that time (minus the fire breathing which has no biological explanation). This is probably where the folklore originated from, or perhaps it is even from the now extinct dinosaurs.

Despite the lack of evidence of their existence, it hasn’t stopped folklorist from anatomically describing and exploring the fundamental features of them. They even have an encyclopedia and galleries about them. As these creatures continue to grace our screens to our entertainment, it is actually for the best that they exist only there. Could you imagine a world with fire breathing mega-animals flying over your streets each day? what a relief.




I'm an internet marketer

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Temitope Samuel Bright

Temitope Samuel Bright

I'm an internet marketer

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